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Roof Moss Treatment

Complete moss removal process. Includes a dry removal of the moss with a wire brush, application of Eco-friendly moss killer, and a gutter cleaning.

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To improve the aesthetic appeal & extend the life of your roof by removing moss & tree debris.

We eradicate moss infestations by removing as much of the moss as possible with a wire brush. Once removed, we kill the moss at the root with an Eco-friendly product. This also keeps any moss spores from propagating & starting a new cycle of moss growth.

We have been working with moss infestations for a long time & our method has proven to be extremely effective. Especially when followed up annually, with another application of our Eco-friendlymoss killer.


Moss Removal Prep

  • Loose tree debris removed from roof with rake, blower & bags.

Moss Removal

  • If possible, moss is removed by gently scrubbing with a wire bristle brush on a pole.
  • Composite roofs usually experience a little granule loss. Some from our scrub brushes. But, most is due to previous damage from moss. If you're roof is falling apart & covered with moss. It is probably in need of being replaced. Not cleaned.
  • Some types of moss are harder to remove than others & can require multiple treatments.


  • Loose moss debris is blown into gutters.
  • Gutters & downspouts are cleaned.                                                                                                          
  • Debris is composted in your yard waste.
  • We do not dispose of debris off site.
  • Yard directly under eves blown free of loose moss & tree debris.

Eco-friendly Moss Killer

  • Takes 2 - 4 weeks to start working depending on weather. Rain caries the product down the roof.
  • Kills moss by changing the PH of exposed roots & spores.


  • Attention to detailed.
  • No water damage.
  • Report on condition of your roof including pics upon request.
  • 100% accident free work record.


  • Used to access gutters & roofs up to 40’.
  • Padded stand-off arms used to protect your siding, trim & gutters.
  • Leg levelers/feet used for uneven ground.

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