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519 W Crockett St
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Friendly, Knowledgeable, Safe & Affordable. Seattle's Best Window Cleaners! Residential & Commercial Window Cleaning, Gutter Cleaning, Roof Moss Treatment and Pressure Washing.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How often do my windows need to be cleaned?

A: Everyone has his or her own tolerance level for dirty windows. Some people get their windows cleaned quarterly, some annually. We suggest having the exteriors cleaned at least twice a year and the interiors annually or whenever they look like they need it. We will also clean select interior windows such as the kitchen sink or just one room or floor (Please discuss with whomever you receive an estimate from prior to scheduling).


Q: How do you access the windows, gutters, and roof?

 A:  We use ladders to access all of these places. Our ladders have specially designed levelers that allow us to set them on uneven surfaces. Padded standoffs are also used to keep the ladder itself off of the house or gutter.


Q:  Are you Safe?

 A:  Yes. We hire people who are naturally nimble and attentive to detail. Climbing ladders and walking around on roofs is what we do best. If we have to walk on your roof to clean it, we will tie off with ropes and harnesses where necessary. KORKERS are used on shake roofs that are able to handle us walking on them. The condition of every roof is taken into consideration before we attempt to walk on, or clean it.

When inside your home we take time to take off our shoes and to carefully move around furniture. We move furniture out of the way when needed and then put it back when we are done. You won’t find dirty water spots on your trim, floor, or furniture. We always clean up around every window when we are done. Window coverings are always returned to the position they were originally in. When we leave, your home will look just like it did before, only cleaner!


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